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Winter Solstice Great Conjunction 2020



In the Northern hemisphere, 21 December indicates the winter solstice (means the shortest day and the longest night of the year and this is because one pole of the earth is at farthest from the sun).

But a great celestial incident is going to happen this time on this longest night in 2020.and this event is called a “Great Conjunction” or a “Historic moment”.

At this great moment -the two largest planets of our solar system Saturn and Jupiter will be closest to each other (just like overlapping).

To make this great astronomical moment memorable Google along with NASA made an amazing doodle.

In google doodle, this great conjunction is shown as a cartoon, in which Saturn and Jupiter are doing hi-five (clapping) and the earth is seen as watching both these planets.

This great event occurred before in 1623 and after that, this conjunction is happening now on 21 December 2021. And you can witness this celestial phenomenon or this great conjunction from anywhere even without binoculars, with one’s own eyes.