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Valentine’s Week Calendar 2021 is here: Know the Important dates of the week



Valentine week calender 2021

It is the month of love- Valentine’s week is starting from 7the February 2021.

Though Every day is special to express your love, Valentine’s week has its special importance. It is a week of Love and the Lovers. This is the week to express your love and your feelings to your loved one by different means.

At the start of February month, a great cheerfulness is seen in the lovers and the married couples for Valentine’s day the day of Love and Romance.

From 7-14 dates of February month is Valentine’s week. It is starting from 7Feb with Rose day and lasts on the 14 Feb with Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s week is a great week for lovers all over the world, They wait for this special week with great happiness and lots of love.

Here is list of the 7 Special days of the Valentine’s week

1. 7th Feb (Rose day): Valentine’s week starts from 7th February with the Rose day. Lovers give ‘Red Roses’ to each other as a sign of their love. ‘Red Roses’ are a sign of love and romance.

2. 8th Feb(Propose day): The second day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as the ‘Propose day’. On this day lovers accept their love and Express their Feelings to their partner. If you too going to propose your love, must carry a beautiful bouquet of flowers(especially roses) and express your love.

3. 9the Feb(Chocolate day): The third day of this week is the day of sweetness- ‘Chocolate day’. Lovers dissolve some sweetness in their relationship by gifting chocolates to each other on this special day.

4. 10th Feb(Teddy day): Fourth day of Valentine’s week is marked with ‘Teddies’, it is celebrated as teddy day. Teddies are the best gift forever for every girl. It is the cutest soft toy loved by every girl.
Gift a cute teddy to your partner on this day to be in her memories forever.

5. 11th Feb(Promise day): the fifth day of Valentine’s week is a great day for every couple and every relationship. This is the day to make true promises to each other that Both of you will be together forever, whatever the situation is and on every turn of life you will be standing together. Must do special and true promises to your partner on this special day.

6. 12th Feb(Hug day): the sixth day of the week is celebrated as the ‘Hug day’. This day doesn’t need words to express your love, Just a Hug to your partner is enough to show your feelings. On this day lovers share their love and feelings by hugging each other.

7. 13th Feb(Kiss day): the seventh day of Valentine’s week is the ‘Kiss day’. On this day couples express their love by kissing each other and more strengthen their relationship.

8. 14th Feb(Valentine’s day): Finally the last and the most awaited day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as ‘Valentine’s day’.It is that this is the day to make your partner or your love feel special and to tell them what importance they have in your life. This is the day of love and romance. So, make your partner feel special on this special day of love.

A Short Valentine’s week calendar is here:-

  • 7th Feb (Sunday)-Rose day
  • 8th Feb(Monday)-Propose day
  • 9the Feb(Tuesday)-Chocolate day
  • 10th Feb(Wednesday)-Teddy day
  • 11th Feb(Thursday)-Promise day
  • 12th Feb(Friday)-Hug day
  • 13th Feb(Saturday)-Kiss day
  • 14th Feb(Sunday)-Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day, though mostly celebrated by couples, but can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s a day to show your love not only to your partners but to anyone you want- anyone in your friend list or your family, etc. Just tell them how much you love them. Love makes life happier, especially in difficult times.