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The President of Brazil thanks India for supplying “Sanjeevni Booti” to fight with Covid-19



the president of brazil thanks india for supplying sanjeevni booti

On Friday the president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro thanked India’s prime Minister of India Narendra Modi by saying ” Dhanyawaad” for supplying the “Sanjeevani booti” to South America’s largest country brazil.

The president of Brazil Jair M.Bolsonaro has wrote a tweet on Twitter

Namaste, the prime minister
Brazil is honored to have a great partnership to overcome a global obstacle. Thank you for helping us with vaccine export from India to Brazil.

India’s prime minister Narendra Modi gave a reply to Brazil president in his tweet by saying that –
The honor is ours, President @jairbolsonaro to be a trusted of Brazil in fighting the covid 19 pandemic together. We will continue to strengthen our cooperation on healthcare.

India has exported 2 million doses of covid19 vaccines to Brazil, to fight the covid -19 pandemic.

The way India’s prime minister treats the other countries is commendable.

The gestures from both the countries to each other are praiseworthy. And a good move towards a healthy bond.

India believes in the principle of sharing and caring. As we are exporting vaccines to other countries it is indicating we think for others excessively.

Brazil president relates covid19 vaccine to “sanjeevani booti” it’s an amazing honor for India. The concept of the sanjeenavi booti had come from Ramayana when the life of Lakshman was in danger at that time Lord Hanuman lifted the entire Govardhan Mountain to deliver the sanjeevani booti a magical life-saving herb to Lanka to save the life of Lord Ram’s brother Lakshman.

In the last few days, India had supplied the vaccine, being manufactured in the own country, to our neighboring countries including the Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

This is a reflection of the cooperation and commitment that India has shown toward the global community.

The president of Brazil is extremely happy to receive the vaccine because Brazil is the second-highest country after the USA that has reported 2,14,000 deaths from coronavirus.