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Talibani Terror Suicide Attack – 8 Afghan Troops Martyred



A suicide car bomber in central Afghanistan targeted a convoy of Afghan army troops, killing eight soldiers, the defence ministry said, while Taliban Islamist terrorists claimed responsibility for the assault amid a nationwide escalation of violence.

Included in the Doha deal, the Afghan government has published over 4,000 Taliban prisoners and the terrorist group has freed hundreds of government troops. A pact signed by the USA and Taliban in Doha at February laid out plans for a withdrawal of foreign forces in the war-torn nation in exchange for security guarantees in the terrorists.

In a statement, the defence ministry said that the car bomber targeted army troops in Monday’s episode in the district of Sayed Abad at Wardak province, killing eight soldiers and wounding nine more.

Clashes have increased in recent weeks between Afghan government forces and Taliban insurgents after the authorities failed to free hundreds of jailed Taliban within a prisoner swap agreed by the warring sides.

The Taliban, asserting responsibility, said dozens of Afghan special forces were murdered in their latest deadly assault on government forces, who’ve suffered many casualties in the current fighting.

But discussions between the Afghan government and the Taliban for a peace settlement to end the 18-year-old war have been postponed over the release of almost 600 Taliban prisoners Kabul says were involved in significant attacks.

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