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Makar Sankranti 2021: “The Festival of Kites” will be celebrated on 14th Jan



Makar Sankranti 2021 Date

14 Jan 2021, Whole country is celebrating the great propitious festival “Makar Sankranti”.

Makar Sankranti “the festival of kites” is celebrated with great happiness, cheerfulness, and huge Enthusiasm across India to indicate the commencement of the new Harvesting Season and also marks the end of winter solstice days and the beginning of longer days.

 It is commemorated on 14th or sometimes the 15th day of January every year. On this day the sun does the transition from the Southern hemisphere to the Northern hemisphere and enters into Capricorn(makar) zodiac resulting in the onset of longer days.

When Sun enters from one Zodiac to another it is called as “Solstice”(Sankranti) and when the sun enters from 

‘Sagittarius'(dhanu) to ‘Capricorn'(Makar) Zodiac sign it is then known as “Makar Sankranti”

This festival is celebrated all across the Indian subcontinents though in little different ways, with varied rituals and also with different names:- It is celebrated as “Sukarat” in central India,

“Pongal” in Tamilnadu

“Bihu” in Assam

“Uttarayan” in Gujarat and Rajasthan and

“Makar Sankranti” in Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and other regions.

You will see eye-catching and colorful kites flying everywhere in the sky like birds, by the kids. Not only kids but everyone enjoys the festival with lots of happiness. They enjoy by- flying kites, eat a variety of dishes like- kheer, date palm jaggery, gajak, chikki, Laai, Till laddu, and khichadi. All these are among the special dishes of this festival. 

“Khichadi”(A dish made with the combination of Black lentils, rice, green vegetables, turmeric, and ghee) has its own significance to this day. It’s like a tradition that everyone makes “khichdi” on the occasion of makar Sankranti and eat happily. There are many stories behind making khichdi dish on this day.

This festival is also called “Khichdi” in the local language due to the great significance of this dish on this occasion.

On this day we do worship God’s Sun and show our gratitude for his blessings on their good harvest with assets. Also, do donations and make the dip in the Ganges river. A great cheerfulness is seen all over on this day.