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Operating System Notes for BCA || Free Download OS Tutorials PDF



Operating System a subject of BCA is the very important subject for students to read. here we are sharing free tutorial of operating system in pdf format. Download now operating system notes for BCA.

The notes and the syllabus that given in this page are based on VBSPU (Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University) but it is not only for VBSPU students anyone can download and read the notes.

What is Operating System

An operating system is system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs.

Syllabus of Operating System

All the topics that we covered in this Operating system tutorial are written in this syllabus section. Read the full syllabus of BCA to understand it is compatible with you or note and then download the full Operating system lecture notes.


  • Unit -1: Introduction: Operating_System_&_Functions,  Evolution_of_OS,  Batch,  Interactive,  Time_Sharing_&_Real_Time_System,  System_Protection,  System_Components,  System_Structure,  Operating_System_Services.
  • Unit-2 Concurrent Process: Process, State_Transition, Interrupts, Process_Control_Block, Principle_of_Concurrency, Produces-Consumer_Problem, Critical_Section.
  • Unit-3 CPU Scheduling: Scheduling_Concept,  Performance_Criteria,  Scheduling_algorithms_such_as_FCFS,  SJF,  Round-Robin.
  • DeadLock: System_Model,  Sdeadlock_Characterization,  Prevention.
  • Unit-4: Memory Management: Real_Storage,  Resident_Monitor,  Multiprogramming_with_fixed_partition,  Multiprogramming_with_Variable_Partition,  Multiple_Base_Register,  Paging,  Segmentation,  Paged_Segmentation,  Virtual_Memory_Concept,  Demand_paging,  Page_Replacement_Algorithm,  Allocation_of_Frames,  Thrashing,  Cache_Memory_Organization,  Impact_on_Performance.
  • Unit-5 Unix/Linux: Unix_System_kernel_&_Utilities,  File_&_Directories,  Single_&_Compound_Statement,  Basic_Commands,  Bourn_Shell,  Korn_Shell_&_C_Shell,  Shell_Meta_Charactristics,  Shell_Variables_&_Scripts,  Environment,  Integer_Arithmetic_&_String_Manipulation,  Decision_Making.

Snapshots of OS Notes

There are some snapshots of the given Operating System notes to check the preview of the notes.

Operating System notes for BCA
OS Notes
Operating System Tutorial
Operating system

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