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Introduction to e-governance

As we all that nowadays e-governance is playing a very vital towards citizens, organizations, businesses, and governments.

Professional definition of E-governance

It is the transformation of government to give efficient and convenient and transparent services to the citizens, organizations, and businesses through the application of information and communication technology.

further, with the help of this application government can easily communicate with its citizens and can deliver its services and information to Businesses, Organizations, Employees, Ngo, and lastly the public.

It is playing a very crucial role now everything you can do with the online mode you can avail the government and banking services by sitting at your home.

For example: Filing a tax return, Renew id, apply for a passport and driving license, old-age pension scheme, water, and sewer connection, income certificate, address proof, etc.

By following the proper guideline you can avail all the services easily and safely.

Some benefits of E-governance.

  1. Speed– All the information and data can transfer from one place to another place within seconds with the help of information and communication technologies. Nowadays everyone is having Smartphones and an internet connection therefore by using both of them we can speedier our communication process. All the time
  2. Cost Reduction– It reduces the cost for the government as well as for organizations, businesses, citizens. As we all know the plenty of government expenditure goes towards the purchasing of stationery for official purposes. however, now everything is done through online mode therefore it reduces the cost in abundance. With the help of Smartphones and internet connection, all the information and services are exchanged. Therefore overall it improves the effectiveness and productivity and reduces the overall cost. And it also terminates the cost of traveling for citizens and businesses.
  3. Accountability– It means expected or required to account for one’s actions. Once the governing process is made crystal clear then the government is automatically accountable. Therefore citizens who are availing of the services feel safe and secure because they know the government is accountable for the affairs.
  4. Enhanced ease of business: As we all know doing business for economic growth is very crucial. therefore with the help of e-governance businesses can take timely approval for their projects take the information of different policies. And apply for online registration and license and check the status of their permits. So it overall enhances the business performance and makes things easier and also saves time.
  5. Transparency – This (ICT) application makes the governing process transparent. All the information is uploaded on the internet and available for all. Whatever information you want to take you can check on the internet. Timely updation is the big responsibility of the government. Therefore people can enjoy the access available by the government. So there will be no chances of scams.

Now I will explain the 3 pillars of E-governance.




The success of any initiative directly depends upon the public of the country. If the citizens are happily ready to accept the change then the chances for success.

And we all know to accept any change it’s quite challenging and difficult for everyone. Because we all become very comfortable in our previous methods or processes of doing things. Therefore people resist accepting any change, despite knowing all the benefits they will get out of it.

Firstly government took various steps to make realize the importance of e-governance to the citizens, how it works, for organizations, businesses, and citizens, etc. Provide staff training to the employees, train the government employees for professional skills.

Hence, people were started adopting this initiative as they realized the importance and how it makes their life easier, reliable, saves time and energy, And the trust over time increases after experiencing the benefits of this application.

The Initiative that was taken by the government is citizen-centric therefore success is totally dependent on the people.

for example: If anyone wants to apply for its adhar card now he or she can apply through online mode with full safety and security in very little time by sitting at home. however, earlier this facility was not available.

Digital Locker: It helps the citizens now they digitally store important documents like mark sheets, PAN, Aadhar, etc this reduces the burden of carrying physical documents and also terminates the risk of losing important documents and facilitates easy sharing of document. Earlier this facility was not available. However, with the help of e-governance, it becomes possible.

Therefore we can say that support of citizens is very crucial to make a success of this initiative.

Therefore it was quite challenging for the government. To motivate its employees and citizens to accept this drastic change.


Technology plays a very crucial role in the success of e-governance. As we all know nowadays Technology is growing and changing rapidly. Government grabs the opportunity to make their system advanced. The existence of e-governance is not possible without technology.

All the updation in technology make e-governance more effective and efficient. Like good android phones at affordable prices, laptops, and all other devices. Therefore government should update its systems as the technology upgraded to make the best utilization of technology.
As “digital India” the initiative directed towards technology.

As the technology upgraded there reforms also redeveloped their workings systems as well. And e-governance is the big initiative under the Digital India campaign.
Examples: Nowadays digital signature is possible, Online registration of business is possible, Online account opening is possible, Online money transfer is possible, and the concept of E- courts came into existence all these things are possible with the help of technology.


It is also a very important pillar in the form of knowledge and institutional working some knowledge of e-governance are like Digital India Mobile Seva app India these resources play a very important role in the transmission of information along with their benefits. In digital India resources, the plan and scheme of government are to digitalize everything to boost the economy.

All the upgradations are happened to digitalized India to make India more knowledgeable and experienced. And to learn the system resources. people will also try to learn skills and update themselves as well.

And the government manages all the resources to train the government staff. And aware the organizations, citizens, and businesses about any change.

Effectiveness of e-governance

  • When the people adopt all the changes then it helps the government to enhance the overall working and performance.
  • This leads to more productivity
  • Saves time and Energy for both government and citizens.
  • The big organization can focus on its expansion by saving its time with the help of e-governance.
  • Technology up-gradation makes life easier.
  • Various schemes or initiatives that are taken by the government under e-governance help the organization’s general public to learn new concepts of doing things.
  • Improve the transparency
  • Citizens can share their ideas with the government.
  • Citizens can file grievances through online mode.
  • Citizens feel safe and secure as the government is accountable for everything.
  • Makes the lives of people easy and safe
  • Improves the GDP
  • Can reach the huge public from different states at one point in time
  • Improvement in service delivery by government.