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Top 10 Places to Visit in Kanpur | Kanpur Tourism Places



Top 10 Places to Visit in Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the famous cities in India. Here we are talking about the Top 10 Places to Visit in Kanpur. It is also known as the leather city of India, and famous for the textile city of UP. Cawnpore is the historical name of Kanpur City. Kanpur is situated on the bank of the river Ganga.

Thousands of tourists come and explore this leather city of India for business purposes and to experience the historical culture of the city. Here I have collected the top 10 places to visit in Kanpur. Let’s have a look one by one:

1. Kanpur Zoological park  

If you want to visit the tranquil environment of a creature then zoological is the best place to visit. Kanpur Zoological Park is commonly known as Kanpur Zoo and Allen Forest Zoo. Its landscape is spread over more than 70 acres that make it the largest zoo in north India.

The sound of Chimps, leopards, tigers, and rhinos makes it a more attractive zoological park. The aquarium within the zoo is a sign of its beauty. Toy trains are another highlight that your children will love to ride. 

This park is located in Nawabganj which is 7 km far from Kanpur city. You can visit here from 8 am to 5:30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Park is closed on Mondays. 

 2. J.K. Temple in Kanpur

We are talking about the best places to visit in Kanpur then how we can ignore the name of this beautiful Temple. And this place is JK Temple. J. K. Temple is also known as Radhakrishna Temple. Its beauty of white carved marbles and the mirrored water image in front of the temple compel Hindu visitors to visit this Temple.

Its combination of modern architecture with ancient inspiration makes it a unique building. The temple was built in 1953 under the supervision of the Singhaniya Family. And now the Temple is managed by the JK trust. 

The main shrine is dedicated to Lord Radhakrishna while the others are enshrined with idols of Lord Lakshminarayana, Ardhanarishwar, Namadeshwar, and Shri Hanuman. 

JK Temple is located in Govind Nagar, Road of Sarvodaya Nagar in Kanpur. You can visit here every day from 5 pm to 12 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm. 

3. Blue World Theme Park

If you are tired of your work and want a cool place to visit then the Blue world theme will be the best place to visit in Kanpur. Blue World theme park is the most visited and loved place on summer days.

Its World themes like Chinese, Roman, Egypt, Jungle, and European make it a more attractive park in Kanpur. There are musical fountains, laser shows, and 7D shows that compel people to visit this park every summer. And the best thing is that you can book your dedicated space for kitty parties, birthday parties, and other social gatherings. This park covers 25 acres of the floor that contains a water park and amusement park. 

Blue World Park is located at Mandhana-Bithoor Road. You can visit here every day from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm.  

4. ISKCON Temple

Iskcon Temple is the international spiritual tourist attraction dedicated to Lord Krishna. Although you can visit here any month, the best time to visit this place is in august and September to feel the spiritual beauty of this place. You will feel wonderful when you meditate inside the temple.

Its architecture made of white marble makes it a shiny and beautiful holy place. Inside the temple, you can find an eating place that provides only vegetarian food. 

Iskcon temple is located in Mainawati Marg, Bithoor which is just 4 km from Kanpur. You can visit here from 4:30 Am to 8:30 Pm (including a mid-break 1 pm to 4 pm every day).

 5. Green Park Stadium

Green park stadium is also known as Modi stadium. This stadium is managed by the Uttar Pradesh sports department. It was established in 1945 and this stadium can hold an accommodating capacity of 32,000 people. Its deviously flat pitches help batsmen to create new records.

Shahid Afridi made 100 runs off just 45 balls and Azharuddin’s three centuries are just some highlights of the ground. This stadium also hosted a few IPL Games. So. If you are a cricket lover then you must visit this stadium for a live match at least once in Kanpur. 

This stadium is located along the banks of river Ganga in Civil Lane. 

6. Moti Jheel

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place with a slight water sound then you must visit the Moti Jheel. This lake was built under British ruling to provide water to the city. Other significant recreation spots are Kamla retreat and moti park. This lake also has been featured in Bollywood in the Hindi flick, Bunty Aur Babli.

Moti Jheel, located in the Benajhabar area of Kanpur and you can visit here every day from 5 Am to 9 pm.

7. Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is located close to the Moti Jheel in Kanpur. This is famous as the top 10 picnic places of Kanpur. The Garden makes you feel the oriental aesthetics to you. You can visit here at spatially on Sundays with your family and friends to see the real beauty of the Garden. Needless to say, it is a good spot for people watching and relaxing with a book on a lazy evening.

8. Z Square mall

Who wouldn’t love to dine, shop, and have fun? Everyone loves. So, here is the place for you. Yes, it’s your most loved z square mall. Z square mall is one of the most visited recreational and shopping hubs in Kanpur. Its open space and children-friendly setting make it a more attractive place.

It’s dining options include all types of food like American fast food, Chinese dishes, and the best of north Indian dishes. If you want to chill out with your family, then cafes are also available here. The most loved attraction of the mall is INOX Multiplex where you can watch the latest Bollywood and Hollywood Movies.  

Z square mall is located at mall road in Bada chauraha in Kanpur. 

9. The Kanpur Memorial church 

The memorial church is also known as the Souls cathedral. Let’s talk about a bit of its history. It was built in 1857 in honor of the British lives lost in the 1857 movement.

It is popularly known as the siege of Cawnpore(Kanpur). The building of the church was designed by an architect of the East Bengal Railway, named Walter Granville. You can see the beautifully carved figure of an angel in the heart of the church which was designed by Baron Carlo Marochetti. This angel with crossed shows the symbol of peace. 

The Kanpur memorial church is located in Albert lane in the Kanpur Cantt area. You can visit the church every day from 9 am to 6 pm. 

10.Jain Glass Temple

Jain glass temple is also known as Kanch ka mandir. It is a Jainism modern landmark and spiritual center. This is a must-visit Temple in the list of top 10 places to visit in Kanpur. Its Hindu architecture style with ornate pillars, high painted ceiling, extravagant fixtures makes it a unique and beautiful temple.

Another attraction is its whole place is adorned with glass and mirrors, which includes vivid murals with glass elements. Also, the 24 Tirthankaras enshrined statues of marbles makes it a beautiful holy temple.

Jain Glass Temple is located in Maheshwari Mohal(General Ganj). You can visit here every day from 6:00 am to 11:00 am and 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm 

Also here is the list of some other places to visit in Kanpur:

  • Bithoor
  • Ganga Barrage
  • Jajmau
  • Nana Rao Park
  • Phool Bagh and Kanpur museum
  • Massacre Ghat
  • Sadar Bajar