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Sakat Chauth 2021: Fast Today for ‘Sankashti Chaturthi’ know everything about it



Sankashti chaturthi

‘Sakat Chaturthi’ or the ‘Sankashti Chaturthi- 2021’ is observed today, on 31 Jan 2021.

Sakat Chauth2021: The fast for the welfare, long life, and prosperity of the children will be done today on the occasion of Sankashti Chaturthi

Sankashti Chaturthi is a popular festival of Hindus dedicated to the Lord Ganesha, dominantly in north India.

On the day of ‘Sankashti Chaturthi,’ a day long fast is offered by the devotees to Lord Ganesha for the long life and prosperity of their children.

‘Sankashti Chaturthi’ falls on the fourth day of Krishna paksha of the Magh month. ‘Chaturthi tithi’ will start on Sunday(today) at 8.00 pm and will last for 6.24 pm on Monday.

Sakat Chaturthi falls every month, but it has the greatest importance in the Magh month. In the Magh month, sakat Chaturthi is known as the ‘Sankashti Chaturthi’ or ‘Tilkut Chaturthi’.

Let’s see the how-to-do puja of ‘Sankashti Chaturthi’

Devotees will first of all have to wake up early in the morning and take a holy bath.

Then will have to make willpower or a determination for the fast for the whole day.

Puja is done in the evening. The idol of Lord Ganesha is decorated beautifully and the flowers and durva grass are offered to the Lord Ganesha. Modak or other favorites of Lord Ganesha is also offered as prasad.

After that,at the end of puja- Vrat Katha specific to this month is read aloud.

What are the rules for the fast of ‘Sankashti Chaturthi’

Full waterless(nirjala) fast from morning till evening is done by the devotees. Then will have to perform worship of Lord Ganesha(Ganesh puja) in the evening. After the puja, a sight to the moon and do offerings and worship to the moon god.

Significance of ‘Sankashti Chaturthi’ Fast:

It is heard that the fast of ‘Sankashti Chaturthi’ dispels all our difficulties and hard times, and also removes all the obstacles and takes us to the way of progress and happiness.