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Kerala: Mangalamkunnu Karnan- a Popular Elephant Died at Sixty Today



Mangalamkunnu karnan

Palakkad, Kerala: The famous tusker of Kerala ‘Mangalamkunnu Karnan’ passed away.

‘Mangalamkunnu Karnan’ died in the very morning today at around 4.00 am. He was suffering from various old-age problems for a long time,  And it is being heard he dies of cardiac infarction.

He is popularly remembered and known for Holding his heads up for a very long duration. That is why he is always a winner in the ‘Thalapokkam'(heads-up) Competitions.

His hight and great performance in the competitions gave him the title- “The emperor of heights”

‘Mangalamkunnu Karnan’ was owned by the ‘Mangalamkunnu family(tharvadhu).

The family owns the largest of captive elephants in the Kerala.

In the year 1991 Karna was repatriated from Chapra in Bihar by Haridas groups at manissery, in Kerala, then he was named ‘Manissery karnan’. It was in the year 2000 when the ‘Mangalamkunnu family’ owned ‘Karnan’ and is named ”Mangalamkunnu Karnan”.

He was among the most popular elephants in Kerala. He is known for winning continuously for Nine years in the Thalapokkam Competition at the Shreekumar Ganesh Temple.

He is also known for acting in many movies. Mangalamkunnu Karnan acted in many movies and TV commercials. The movies he acted in include ‘Dil se’, Kathanayagan & Narasimha.

The very popular and elegant tusker (Mangalamkunnu Karnan), will always stay in our hearts.