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26th January 2021: 72nd Republic Day is Celebrated in India this year.



26 January 2021 Republic Day

Today is a very significant and inspirational day for our country India. As we celebrated Republic day every year on 26th January.

On 26th January 1950, the constitution of India came into effect therefore to give honor to this date we celebrate this day with immense happiness, peace, dignity, Unity, and pride every year.

What is the meaning of the Republic and Indian constitution?

The topmost position like the president, prime minister, etc in our country should be elected by the general public and there should be set of rules and laws, the procedure to run the entire nation smoothly and all these laws and procedures are written in the book called Indian constitution. and our constitution is the largest written constitution in the entire world. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is the father of our constitution.

Therefore republic meaning is having supreme power in the hands of the general public to choose or elect their right representative by their own choice. Rather than a monarchy.

let’s move into the history in brief:

On 9th December 1946, our constitution started drafting a constituent assembly has been made and the members of the assembly were involved to make or draft our constitution. And it took almost took 2 years 11 months and 18 days to finally make our constitution.

When you add these figures to the starting year of making the constitution then the date would be 26th November 1949. On this date, our constitution was completely drafted and approved by the constituent assembly. but the date on which our Indian constitution was commenced is 26 January 1950.

let’s see the reason behind the delay of two months in the commencement of the Indian constitution.

In December Indian National congress session was held in Kolkata and Mohandas Gandhi passed a resolution for demanding Dominion status to India and gave the British government time of one year to take thefinal decision.

but the British Government had denied and said India is not yet ready for Dominion status.

On 31st December 1929, Jawahar Lal Nehru hoisted the flag of India on the bank of River Ravi in Lahore. And he announced that we will celebrate our full independence soon.

In January 1930: the Congress working committee decided the last Sunday of January 1930 to be celebrated as poorna swarajya day, which incidentally fell on the 26th of January 1930. And to always remember the significance of this special day the Indian congress decided to delay the date for two months to commence the Indian constitution to 26th January 1950.

On 24th January Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected as the first president of India and finally, after two days, our constitution was commenced on 26th January 1950.

Let us see the significance of the Indian National flag. “Tiranga”.

Our national flag is designed by Pingali Venkata he was an agriculturist and Indian freedom fighter and after doing few modifications Indian national congress adopted it in its present form during the meeting of the constituent assembly held on 22nd July 1947 and finally, it becomes the official flag of our country India.


Structure of Indian National flag with its incredible features.

Our national flag is divided into three parts which are represented as “tricolor”. Saffron at the top represents sacrifice and courage, the strength of our country, and the color white which is in the middle with Ashok chakra indicates peace, truth, purity, and green at the bottom indicates prosperity and fertility of the land.

Ashok Chakra: It represents the laws of Dharma (Righteousness) and it has 24 spokes the which are taken from 24 letters of Gaytri Mantra and its color represents the color of sky and ocean, The universal truth.

lets appreciate the efforts of our great leaders and Soldiers.

With my full heart, I would like to appreciate the commendable, incredible efforts of all the great Leaders who enabled us to celebrate republic day and independence day. And the commendable job that was performed by our tremendous Soldiers who sacrificed their lives during war for our entire nation and helped India to become independent.

As they all are not with us physically but they are and they will always remain in the heart of our entire nation.

Their efforts, hard work, dedication, commitment always will be the inspiration to the entire Nation. We feel pleased and very fortunate to have these great people.

Let’s see how we celebrated this special day in our country with unity irrespective of caste creed and religion.

The biggest celebration is held in Delhi the capital of India. Firstly the day starts with the prime minister paying tribute to all the soldiers who gave up their life for the country at Amar jawan Jyoti India gate. All the martyred soldiers including female staff who died during the war, names have been written on the India gate. The parade starts from the gate of Rashtrapati Bhavan and finishes up at the India gate.

The president hoists the Indian national flag at Rajpath and various important dignities. The glorious parade is conducted by the Indian president and arranged by the Ministry of Defense.

The dignified parade by several battalions of the Indian military, navy, and air force, along with their bands takes place every year as a salute to India, its unity in diversity, and rich culture and heritage.

There are various impressive activities happen on republic day along with grand parades the Colorful tableaus of different states which show the culture of India and also give amazing and informative lessons, tank show, air show, bike show, and other cultural activities.

President distributes the medals to the people from the armed forces for their bravery and courage in the field and also civilians who make themselves different from others by their valor acts in different situations. And all the children who receive the National bravery award sit in decorative vehicles and ride past the spectators.

Although the parade and flag hoisting are done in different parts of our country, colleges, schools, offices, communities, etc, and various cultural, sports activities, role-plays are held in schools and colleges with immense happiness and enthusiasm and students get the opportunity to play the role of our great leaders and soldiers every year. And every year we learn something new.

After reading the above information we can say that we all celebrate our democratic republic day with unity and integrity and dignity and with lots of Enthusiasm.

We Indians believe in sharing and caring, unity in diversity and we feel very proud to have a beautiful culture of our country and we are very proud to be Indian.
Jai Hind Jai Bharat!

Jai Hind jai Bharat!