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On 24th January 2021: National girl child day is celebrated in India every year.



24 january National Girl Child Day

Today is a very special day for all the women and girls in our country because today we celebrated National girl child day in our country.

Ministry of Women and child development the government of India took a very crucial initiative that resulted in the National girl child day in 2008.
And every year we celebrate National child day with pride and integrity, opportunity on 24 January.

The main motive or Vision, behind this initiative, is to bring equality among the genders, spread awareness about gender discrimination in society, improve the status of girls and women, the significance of girl child education, spread awareness about the rights of the girl-child, and provide assistance.

And this initiative brings a very dramatic change in our society.

After this Modi Government also took various steps and initiatives to improve the status of women in our society, to reduce discrimination among gender, bring equality, increase awareness for girl education, to abolish the practice of child marriage.

Here are few Schemes that I explained in my blog that have started by the Modi government.

1. Beti Bachao Beti padhao scheme:

Beti Bachao indicates to save the girl child and beti padhao indicates to educate the girl child. Both are very important to improve the status of women in society and it also increases self-confidence and independence for women. This fabulous scheme was started by the Modi government on 22nd January 2015 in Karnataka Haryana to increase awareness about the girl child and women welfare.

The scheme had worked amazingly and increased the awareness of girl child education among society and safety for women.
Now the girls are more educated than boys according to the sources, the gross enrollment ratio for girls in institutions is higher than boys.

2. Sukanya samriddhi yojana:

This is also a tremendous step that has been taken by the Modi government. This scheme is for girl children’s parents. And main aim behind this scheme is to encourage the girl child parents to save money for their daughters. Therefore in the future, they can enjoy a good life by educating themselves and can pay their all expenses by own.

As we all know the confidence and courage of all the girls and women’s have increased at a higher rate now we can fight for ourselves for equality, justice and We already earned a very high status in our society.

3. Ujjawala:

A comprehensive scheme for prevention of trafficking and rescue, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Victims of Trafficking and commercial sexual Exploitation. 

There are many schemes you can explore on other sites

In Many rural and Urban areas where still improvement is needed in terms of girl child safety, security and child marriage, Girl child education.


  1. Nowadays women are moving into jobs that were previously done by men. This is also a drastic improvement.
  2. More women in formal paid work se days if compared to the constitute around 40% of the global formal labor force, and 43% of the agricultural labor force his data varies from country to country.
  3. In the private sector, women are on most boards of directors of large companies but their number remains low compared to that of men.
  4. Globally, research by accountancy firm Grant Thornton in 2013 found that women now fill 24% of senior management roles, a percentage that is gradually creeping up.
  5. Now in many countries, girls are forging ahead of boys when it comes to educational attainment.
  6. The national family health survey has collected data on land owned by women and the highest percentage of women who own land, individually or with another person, is in Manipur 69.9%. but it does not reflect actual land ownership by women, because it includes both who have sole ownership of land or and those who have jointly with another person.
  7. Nowadays women start taking part in household decision making, from an average of 83.1% in 12 states to 87%, over the decade ending 2015-16.
  8. The triple talaq system has been removed therefore women now can refuse divorce.
  9. Women start getting rights on the property of their parents.
  10. A very huge change for women in terms of Employment. Nowadays women moving into paid employment outside the very true homes.

After reading the above points we can say that the status of women is improved in society. And self-confidence of woman is also strengthened.

Today prime minister of India has said something on a special day
Let’s have a look at his tweet that he has written on Twitter

He also appreciates all those people who are working for the empowerment of the girl child and ensuring that she leads a life of dignity and opportunity.

Let’s have a look what our Union minister Smriti Irani has said. Let’s have a look at her tweet that she has written on Twitter –

My daughters are my pride who have set out onto different with frontier with determination and confidence. Shout out to a #deshkibeti and celebrate their achievement.

She shared this tweet Along with the image.

It’s a very proud movement for all the girls and women of our country. We are the most important part of our society and Country and we already proved that many times.

I know still there is a need for improvement whereas it will come according to the time.

Thank you for reading my entire blog.

God bless everyone.