Happy Birthday to “The Greek god of Bollywood” – Hritik Roshan: Inspirational Successful Actor

Hritik Roshan birthday

Hritik Roshan – the most versatile Actor and an astounding Dancer on the big screen. Rules over millions of hearts.

Hritik is celebrating his 47the birthday today (Jan10), and he shared that “His birthday is always dedicated to his loved ones. i.e., to his Family, Friends and his Fans. He wanted to do things for them on his special day”.

Hritik family has a filmy background. His father Rakesh Kapoor-a well-known director and producer, his grandfather was a great musician, and his maternal grandfather was also a producer.

Hritik Started his journey in Bollywood through his debut film “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” and was really a super-duper hit film. And became the heartbeat of millions. Also got Film fare, IIFA, Best male debut and best actor award for this film.

Before this, he was first time seen in the movie “Aasha”, as a child actor. after that in a few more movies, he worked as a child actor but after that, he left the filmy career for focusing on his studies.

After completing his study, in 2000 entered back in Bollywood through the “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” movie. After that did lots of films and gave many successful achievements to Bollywood.¬†

Some of his super hit films include – “Koi Mil Gaya”, “Krish”, “Jodha Akbar”, “Super-30” and many more.

His journey of becoming a successful and astounding actor was not so easy as it seems. Though Hritik had a filmy background a lot of obstacles were there in his way.

His story from a boy with a stammering disability to a great and incredible versatile actor is an inspiration for many.

In childhood, at his school time he was humiliated by the other students for his difficulty to speak fluently (a type of speech disorder called stammering) and it was a big obstacle in his way to becoming a great actor. Even his father never thought that he could become an actor. This kind of humiliation always made him depressed and down but even though he didn’t give up.

He did a lot to overcome his speech disorder – has taken “speech therapy”, watched films and practiced the dialogues aloud,  used to read books and no doubt he still practices and he admitted it himself.

He improved him a lot and became a great inspiration for those suffering from problems like this and also for others that “If one decided something nothing is impossible, and nothing can stop you”.

He was once also suggested by doctors not to do stunts and dances when he was diagnosed with Scoliosis(the problem of the curved spinal cord). But he didn’t left his dream.

Overcoming every obstacle today he is successful and one of the highest-paid actors  And had a bright future ahead.

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