Electric car Company, Tesla – to start operation in India next year, Nitin Gadkari Confirmed

Electric car Company, Tesla - to start operation in India

Electric car Company, Tesla Inc, is ready to make entry in India by 2021.

Co-founder & CEO of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk through a tweet told that The American electric car company Tesla Motors is preparing to take entry in India by January 2021. Tesla is to launch its Model-3 in India in the new year.

On Monday, India’s Road Transport and Highways Minister- Nitin Gadkari confirmed the news and said “Tesla is ready to start operation in India by early 2021and is also preparing to set up manufacturing unit on the basis of demand”.

Tesla will first launch its model-3 in India, which is the cheapest of all its models. Tesla will Officially start bookings in India from January 2021. In India, the price of Tesla Model-3 will be around 55lacks- 60lacks.

Tesla car’s will be seen in India by June,2021.

Some Features of Tesla Model-3,

Model-3 is fully electric car. It will have Driving range of 380Km-580Km.

Top speed of around 210Km/hr. Had a long-range battery and has a battery size of 55Kwh-75KWh. The battery uses lithium-ion cells and has many other features.

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